Actual PSFK Headline or Some Shit I Just Made Up

  1. Typefaces Created from Handwriting of Homeless Helps Them Rehabilitate
  2. 3D-Knitted Onesie Doubles as Air Purifier
  3. Five New Kinect Installations for Cats
  4. San Francisco Restaurants Pair Food Menus with Curated Playlists
  5. Wearable Quadcopter Drone Makes for Next-Level Selfies
  6. Internet-connected Blender Crafts Custom Smoothies
  7. Pre-natal iBeacon Alerts New Parents of Fetal Mood Swings
  8. Microsoft’s Cube: A Connected Dance Experience
  9. Mighty Mug with Smartgrip Technology Won’t Tip Over
  10. Condom Cookbook Promotes Safe Sex in Japan
  11. Aquarium Incorporating Arduino Lets Fish Roam Land Freely

Actual Headline: 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11

Some Shit I Just Made Up: 3, 6, 7

Draw Me a Twitter Profile Pic

I’m taking this a step further, instead of just updating my Twitter profile image with an auto-generated sketch, now I’m going to let everyone just draw my Twitter profile image. Yep, the same image that 1,105 people will see when I post some insightful bit of wisdom under 140 characters.

Instead of starting from scratch, each new user starts from the profile image drawn by the previous user. There’s no erase tool, that might make this a little more interesting.

This weekend project is powered by the hot new P5js and CodeBird.

Now get to work. Draw me a new profile pic!

Change My Twitter Look

I was inspired by Brendan Dawes’ post where he used p5js and PhantomJS to update his Twitter cover image with an auto-generated Processing sketch.

Brendan hooked up his Processing sketch to a cron job on the server that would update it every hour. I thought it might be fun to let everyone else have control. 

So whenever anyone hits this page, my profile image is updated with a randomized composition. So go nuts. give me a new profile image!