Google Fiber: My Freeloader Experience

I’ve been really excited about Google Fiber. For better or worse, I was mostly excited about being able to finally dump my Time Warner Cable service. My Timer Warner service started at around $80 per month and over the years they slowly ratcheted it up to over $120 per month.

My wife and I simply don’t watch [traditional] TV. We stream movies on Netflix and catch our regular TV shows on Hulu. Needless to say, paying $120 each month for something we don’t use is a huge waste.

I initially wanted to go with Google’s $70 per month gigabit ethernet but I decided to go with the free 5 Mbit option. Why? I guess maybe because I’m incredibly cheap. Plus, I spend most of my in-front-of-a-computer time at work where I have a super fast connection. I guess I’ll just spend that $70 per month on delicious tacos.

My experience so far? The network administration panel is fantastic. The connection is a solid, consistent 5 Mbit. One thing I didn’t anticipate is an incredibly fast router. Just for fun, I connected my personal MacBook and work MacBook into the Google Fiber router via ethernet and transferred some files. I’d love to give you an idea of transfer speed, but I couldn’t find anything to move that took more than a few seconds. That included folders of Nikon raw photo files. It was ridiculous.

The speed drops quite a bit over WiFi, that’s to be expected. I’m now having crazy ideas about running CAT5 around my house to do some pointless ultrafast, in-house networking.

So there’s my incredibly insight-free review of Google Fiber’s free internet. It does not suck. 

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